As you will know, the Scout Association has suspended all face to face meetings and events in line with official guidance from the UK Government.

What we as a group cannot suspend, are the ongoing costs of running a small independent charity. Your subscriptions pay for fixed costs such as utility bills, insurance premiums and annual membership fees which we have already paid upfront for the coming year. The cost of providing the weekly programme activities is relatively small in comparison to all this.

As a group, we’re working on ways to continue to deliver programmes and activities as best we can. There will also be resources available soon nationally that young people will be able to access to still continue Scouting during this turbulent time.

We are aware that for some people the financial consequences of this crisis are critical and if you feel that you will not be able to sustain the subscription payments you can speak, in confidence to our Group Scout Leader who will be able to tell you about some support and options that are still available.

Thank you for all your continued support you as parents give our volunteers.

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Showing all 2 results